More Affordable Homes Needed

The Government keep telling us they are going to build more houses, but there seems little action, not enough, it isn’t keeping up with demand. However we have a way to build eco-friendly housing fast! One way should be to build dwellings within the gardens of suitable properties, but this calls for a change in current legislation, that’s all.

This would create homes for that both the elderly loved ones and younger members incapable of get on the housing ladder. The elderly would benefit by small cosy eco-friendly homes in close proximity to close relatives, but retaining their independence and dignity.

This could release houses which can be too big for needs and dear to run, which may be perfect for families. It could release hospital beds, making caring for that elderly far more for relatives, and encourage family’s to care for his or her elderly. It could decrease the need for a great deal community care and slow up the cost for that families. It could also save families spending a lot of money a year on elderly care facility fees.

For the younger members, can not afford to can get on the housing ladder, it could provide just as before, affordable accommodation, designed to the very latest specification. The pressures of overcrowding in a dwelling could well be prevented, giving independent living to all or any members; therefore less anxiety and frayed tempers. Grand parents would’ve convenient entry to grandchildren without their properties being absorbed by tows and belongings.

Other plans for your future are developed, communities of eco-friendly quick to erect housing, built on short-term sites not immediately important for development. These houses can merely be moved and re-erected as required. This also helps make the concept appropriate for disaster areas for example flood and earthquake zones or for your victims of war. Many councils show interest in these approaches to the housing crisis, but action not talk is necessary. Needed, will be the support on the public to create all these projects to fruition, and spur the governing bodies into action.

It is really a known proven fact that many individuals are only a few pay-days from homelessness should the bread-winner loses their job or becomes long-term sick. The “lucky” homeless families that happen to be rehoused in temporary accommodation, will certainly find themselves in single room hostel accommodation, the unlucky ones become street dwellers. Can you imagine how dreadfully cold and uninviting street life will be? So when this Christmas you’re enjoying your warm snug surroundings and security, spare a thought to the street dwellers. With the housing projects under way, money may be saved by councils and new homes may very well be built fast!

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